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Sweet Fusion Owner Paul Yuzda

About Sweet Fusion

Sweet Fusion is a great candy destination specializing in hard to find confections, sodas, and novelty items. My fun boutique store is conveniently located at the Glamorgan Shopping Centre in South West Calgary.
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How Sweet Fusion Came To Be

Astro Pops Calgary
Remember AstroPops? We have them!

Several years ago, I recognized many of the treats I enjoyed in my youth were becoming harder to find and I didn’t understand why. Remember Tahitian Treat or Astro Pops? These just seemed to have disappeared despite being popular.

Being a curious person, I sought answers to this sour situation. I discovered many of the products I enjoyed were still in production but just not readily available or simply no longer available in Canada.

I further discovered that candy stores were extremely rare in Calgary and people were travelling hours just to find their favorite treats. “Craziness”, I thought to myself. There was no reason why, in a large city like Calgary, a niche business such as a candy store couldn’t thrive. So, after a long career in the corporate world, I quit my job and opened up Sweet Fusion in April 2016. My goal was to fill the void that existed in the market place and give people another option other than the confectionery products being offered at the big box stores.

Our Candy Selection Keeps Growing!

Since that time, I have spent many hours sourcing the best candy from around the world. Customers are often amazed by our selection of delicious treats – much of which they haven’t seen before or seen in a long time. But, I haven’t stopped there. Although I consistently carry hot selling products, I believe in keeping things fresh and exciting by introducing seasonal and limited edition products. This means that I’m continually researching and sourcing out delicious items for the store.

Regardless of your reason for visiting the store, you can expect great service and value. The products might bring you to the store initially but it’s the great experience that will bring you back.

As owner of Sweet Fusion, I am extremely appreciative of all the support the store has received since opening. I look forward to serving you and our community for many years to come.


Paul Yuzda
Owner – Sweet Fusion

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Our Selection of Fun and Hard-To-Find Treats Keeps Getting Better!