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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where is Sweet Fusion located exactly?

Sweet Fusion’s boutique candy store is located on the east side of the Glamorgan Shopping Centre in SW Calgary, right next to Martinizing. See a map and get directions.

This website describes a big selection of products. But I only see a few products displayed. Why is this?

Only a few products are shown on the website, but there are literally hundreds of unique products in store. Over time, more products will be added to the site, along with an e-commerce shopping option. In the meantime, if you don’t see something shown on the site, please feel free to contact the store with your product inquiry.

Do you carry the same products all the time?

Yes, we do carry core products however quantities and availability can vary depending on suppliers, cost, seasonality, limited runs, country or origin and popularity. In addition, the store prides itself on consistently rotating it products to keep things fresh and interesting for our valued customers.

Can I purchase your products from your website?

At this time, products can only be purchased in-store. However, if you’re unable to visit the store directly, arrangements can be made to ship products within Canada, for a fee.

Do you carry food products for people who have food sensitivities or prepared according to religious requirements?

We carry a limited supply of these products however don’t keep a running list of them. We will however gladly provide ingredients and packaging information to help you with your needs.

Do you have a peanut free environment?

Due to the nature of our business and bulk food bins we can’t guarantee a peanut free environment. However, if you do have severe peanut allergies we will work with you to minimize any possible exposure.

Do you sell Sweet Fusion Gift Certificates?

Yes we do. Gift Certificates are available for purchase and redemption in Calgary store. But not on the website. Read Full Details.

Do you offer discounts for special orders?

Yes. If you are organizing an event or would like to make large bulk orders, please see out Special Orders page for more details.