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Blow Pops Valentine Card Exchange Pack

Blow Pops Valentine Card Exchange Pack
The sweetest way to celebrate love and friendship this Valentine’s Day! This delightful pack brings together the classic charm of Charms Blow Pops with the joy of exchanging heartfelt sentiments.

Inside each vibrant and festive box, you’ll find 25 delectable Blow Pops, each with a burst of fruity flavour surrounding a delightful bubblegum center. But the sweetness doesn’t stop there! The Charms Blow Pops Valentine Card Exchange Pack also includes 25 charming and adorable Valentine cards, specially designed for spreading love and friendship. Each card features whimsical illustrations and heartfelt messages, making them the perfect accompaniment to the delicious lollipops.

Whether you’re celebrating with classmates, friends, or coworkers, this pack is ideal for creating memorable moments. Share the love by exchanging these delightful Blow Pops and Valentine cards, adding a touch of sweetness to your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with the Charms Blow Pops Valentine Card Exchange Pack – a delightful combination of delicious treats and heartwarming messages that will leave everyone smiling and savouring the sweetness of the season.


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