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Brach’s Wisecracks Conversation Hearts

Brach’s Wisecracks Conversation Hearts
The cheeky twist on the classic Valentine’s Day treat! Packed in an 8.5oz bag, these candies are not your average conversation hearts. Prepare for a dose of humour and a dash of sarcasm with each sweet bite.

Wisecracks Conversation Hearts feature a variety of amusing one-liners that are sure to add a playful edge to your Valentine’s celebrations. With phrases like “salty,” “nope,” and “dream on,” these candies are designed to bring a lighthearted and witty touch to your candy dish.

Each heart-shaped candy boasts vibrant colours and a crunchy, delicious taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth while delivering a dose of good-natured banter. Whether you’re sharing them with friends, family, or your significant other, these Wisecracks Conversation Hearts are a unique and entertaining way to express yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Forget the typical sweet sentiments and spice up your holiday with Brach’s Wisecracks Conversation Hearts. They’re not just candies; they’re conversation-enders with a side of laughter! Grab a bag and share the love, one witty heart at a time.


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