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Elf on the Shelf Pop Ups Tree Gift

Elf on the Shelf Pop Ups Tree Gift
Elf on the Shelf Pop Ups Tree Gift is the perfect companion to sprinkle some holiday magic into your home! This delightful elf brings the spirit of Christmas to life with its mischievous charm and playful antics. This delightful accessory is the perfect blend of festive fun and practicality, designed to hold your favorite lollipops in style. Adorned with the iconic Elf on the Shelf character, this holder brings a dash of North Pole cheer to any occasion. The vibrant colours and festive details make it a standout addition to your holiday decor. This delightful lollipop holder is not just about looks, it’s also incredibly functional. The clever pop-up design allows you to easily insert and secure your lollipops, keeping them in place and ready to delight children and adults alike. Simply push up the slider to open the elf and pop up your lolly, then slide down to enclose it for you to enjoy later. Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering, decorating your home, or looking for a sweet surprise for your loved ones, this lollipop holder adds a touch of joy to every moment. This Elf on the Shelf Pop Ups Tree Gift comes with 2 delicious suckers and is enclosed in a delightful tree shaped gift container. Get yours today!

The Elf on the Shelf Pop Ups Tree Gift brings holiday magic to your home! This charming elf holder is designed to showcase your favorite lollipops in style, adding festive fun to any occasion. Its clever pop-up design makes it both functional and delightful, perfect for decorating or gifting during the holiday season. Comes with 2 delicious suckers in a tree-shaped gift container. Get yours today!


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