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Haribo Chameleon

Haribo Chameleon gummies are adorable and delicious as each little lizard candy is colourfully divided into 4 different flavours: lemon, apple, cherry, and raspberry! They are specially shipped in from Germany, the original land of Haribo, so you know these are of the best Haribo quality. These bright chameleons were originally only available in the Phantasia mixture, but have gained great popularity. Thanks to all of the love people have shown these little gummies, they have been introduced as a separate pack altogether! There is no longer a need to buy the whole Phantasia mix, even though it is also very tasty, in order to indulge in your favourite character of the pack. Snatch a pack while you can, there’s no telling how long they’ll last on our shelves! These gummies do not contain any artificial colours. They do contain wheat and gelatin, and may also contain traces of milk.


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