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Haribo Sauer Balla Stixx Limo Mixx

Haribo Sauer Balla Stixx Limo Mixx
A delicious treat that combines the delight of tangy flavours with the fun of chewy candy. Each packet of Sauer Balla Stixx Limo Mixx features an irresistible assortment of lemon, cola, and orange flavours that are sure to zest up your snack time. The soft, chewy texture and the perfect balance of sour and sweet make these candies a must-have for any candy lover.

These colourful candy sticks are expertly crafted to deliver a burst of refreshing flavours. The vibrant packaging catches the eye and promises an exciting taste adventure, making it a perfect pick for parties, movie nights, or when you need a little extra zing in your day.

Whether you’re sharing with friends or enjoying a solo treat, Haribo Sauer Balla Stixx Limo Mixx brings a splash of fun and flavour to any moment. Dive into the delicious world of Haribo and let your taste buds dance with every tangy bite!


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