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Haribo Twin Snakes

Haribo Twin Snakes
The perfect treat to double your snacking pleasure! Each bag is packed with a playful twist on the classic gummy candy that has charmed sweet tooths around the world. Haribo Twin Snakes features pairs of conjoined gummy snakes, each duo offering a unique combination of sweet and sour flavours that entice and satisfy with every bite.

The 175g bag is the perfect size for sharing, whether you’re at the movies, on a road trip, or enjoying a quiet night in. Each snake duo is a harmonious blend of flavours, meticulously designed to deliver a tangy kick followed by a sweet finale, making each bite an exciting flavour journey. Whether you’re a fan of traditional gummy candies or looking for something with a bit more zest, Haribo Twin Snakes cater to all palates.

So, grab a bag of Haribo Twin Snakes and let these delightful gummy creations slither their way into your heart. With every chew, they promise not just a burst of fruity flavours, but a fun experience that brings out the child in everyone. Enjoy the playful combinations, and let Haribo Twin Snakes make your day just a little bit sweeter.


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