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Henry Goodes Superbly Soft Black Licorice

Henry Goodes Superbly Soft Black Licorice
Crafted from a traditional recipe that has been refined over generations, this premium licorice offers a perfect blend of sweetness, richness, and a touch of earthiness that licorice lovers adore.

Each bite of Henry Goodes Superbly Soft Black Licorice is a journey into the heart of a confectionery tradition that prioritizes quality and flavour. The soft, chewy texture makes every piece a pleasure to savour, melting in your mouth with its luscious, velvety feel. This superior softness sets Henry Goodes apart, ensuring a delightful experience from the first bite to the last.

Experience the excellence of Henry Goodes, where every piece is a testament to their commitment to creating the finest licorice. Let the superbly soft and richly flavoured delights awaken your taste buds to the art of premium licorice.


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