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Katja Mixes

Katja Mixes
Katja Mixes are a delicious fusion of flavour and inclusivity that provides a delightful experience for all. Crafted with care and precision, Katja Gummies are free from artificial colours and animal derived gelatins making them a tasty treat designed to meet your needs and bring you joy. Katja Gummies boast a burst of mouth watering flavours that will tantalize your taste buds. From the Sheroes Mix to the Rainbow Mix to the Yogurt Gums, each mix is a flavour-packed journey that turns candy from just sugar to an adventure! Fun shapes, delicious flavours, unique textures, Katja Gummy Mixes have it all. They’re great for those with dietary restrictions or belief requirements making them great for parties, gifting, or simply sharing with those around you. Plus, what makes Katja Mixes even more unique is their origin. These awesome gummies are made in the Netherlands and shipped all the way to Canada, so you can try these incredible vegan gummies at Sweet Fusion! Order today, or pick up in store.

Take your pick from Yogurt Gums, Flower Power Mix, Rainbow Mix, or Sheroes Mix, or check out our Katja Biggetjes and Flappies in bulk!


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