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Kool-Aid has been the go to drink mix for many people throughout the years. These itty bitty packages of caffeine free juice powder make for entire pichers of juice, 2 quarts to be specific. All you have to do is add water and a sweetener of your choice, typically sugar, and the distinctive taste of Kool-Aid drink mix is ready to share with the whole family! Kool-Aid packs like these used to be available all across Canada in mainstream stores, but, unfortunately, they are now only available in the states. They have been a part of many trends over the years including dip dyeing your hair and flavouring your pickles. However, they are also fantastic for baking! We’ve had many Calgary bakers buy our Kool-Aid, amateurs and professionals. Kool-Aid is so unique and useful, it makes for more than just a drink mix. For many, it makes memories. Take your pick from our wide selection of flavours, and add it to your cart!

Kool-Aid, the timeless drink mix adored by generations. These compact packets yield 2 quarts of flavorful juice—just add water and sweetener. Formerly ubiquitous in Canada, now exclusively in the states. Loved for more than just drinks; it’s a baking essential too! Explore our diverse flavors and create cherished moments with Kool-Aid.


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