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Mango Frosty

Mango Frosty
A treat that turns any moment into a tropical getaway! These soft marshmallow gummies are shaped like adorable little bottles, promising not only a unique aesthetic but also an extraordinary taste experience. Sold in convenient bulk increments of 100g, Mango Frosty is perfect for mango lovers who enjoy the creamy, luscious flavour of ripe mangoes blended seamlessly with a hint of milky sweetness.

Whether you’re sharing them with friends, treating yourself after a long day, or adding a tropical twist to your party snacks, Mango Frosty candies are sure to impress.

Embrace the frosty sweetness of mango like never before with Huer’s Mango Frosty candy. It’s more than just a treat; it’s an experience that celebrates the joy and flavour of one of nature’s most beloved fruits. Get ready to indulge in the irresistible combination of soft marshmallow gummy and creamy mango flavour that makes Mango Frosty a must-have for candy lovers everywhere.


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