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Marshmallow Bunnies Chicks & Eggs

Marshmallow Bunnies Chicks & Eggs
This delightful 10oz bag is brimming with the sweetest, softest marshmallow treats, designed to bring a smile to faces young and old. Crafted with care by the renowned Spangler brand, known for their quality confectionery, these marshmallow delights are shaped into adorable bunnies, cute chicks, and colourful eggs, making them the perfect addition to any Easter basket or springtime gathering.

Each piece is a soft, fluffy bite of heaven, with a texture that melts in your mouth and a taste that invites you to indulge in one more. The vibrant colours and charming shapes are guaranteed to light up any Easter celebration, making these marshmallow treats not just a snack, but a festive decoration for your holiday table.

Whether you’re hiding them for an Easter egg hunt, sharing them with loved ones, or simply treating yourself, Spangler’s Marshmallow Bunnies, Chicks, & Eggs are sure to be a hit. These treats are free of major allergens, making them a sweet option for almost everyone to enjoy. Grab a bag and make this Easter a little sweeter with Spangler where every bite is a celebration of spring!


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