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Mega Sours

Mega Sours come in an assortment of additional flavours such as: cola, raspberry, bubblegum, cherry, lemon, apple, plooms, violets, and watermelon. They also have Fruit Pips which are essentially assorted fruit balls broken up into pieces, and Zombie bombz which are both super sour and super spicy at the same time!

For those of you seeking a blast of true face cratering sourness, Mega Sours are a must try!. Even the most seasoned sour candy consumer will wince, squirm, and have tears in their eyes when they first try them. Mega Sours derive their potency from a blend of malic and citric acid and I have yet to find anything more sour in the marketplace. Even once you get through the initial sour blast you’ll be given a gentle reminder of their sourness when you reach the fizzy centre of the candy. You know they’re seriously sour when the packaging comes with a warning not to consume too many at once as they can really irritate your mouth and tummy. That really never stops anyone from trying however.

So, for those daring enough to try a Mega Sour, pop by Sweet Fusion and see how tough you truly are.

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