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Peach Hearts

Peach Hearts
A delightful treat that combines the sweetness of ripe peaches with the irresistible charm of heart-shaped gummies. These sugared, peach-flavoured confections are a perfect addition to your candy collection, bringing joy and flavour in every bite.

Vidal Peach Hearts are crafted with care, ensuring a burst of juicy peach goodness in every piece. The soft, chewy texture adds to the delightful experience, making them an ideal choice for both kids and adults with a sweet tooth.

Sold in bulk, 100g increments, these peachy delights are perfect for sharing with friends and family or enjoying on your own. The bulk packaging allows you to stock up for parties, events, or simply to satisfy your cravings whenever they strike.

Whether you’re looking for a charming addition to your candy buffet or a delightful snack to brighten your day, Vidal Peach Hearts are the perfect choice. Treat yourself to the tantalizing taste of these sugared, peach-flavoured heart gummies. It’s a true delight for the senses!


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