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Peeps Mike & Ike Kabob

Peeps Mike & Ike Kabob
A delightful twist on a classic treat that combines the soft, fluffy texture of Peeps marshmallows with the fruity explosion of Mike & Ike’s candy. This unique kabob features four vibrantly coloured marshmallow chicks, each skewered on a stick for a fun and convenient snacking experience.

From the first bite, your taste buds are greeted with the distinct flavours of Mike & Ike candy, encapsulated in the form of beloved marshmallow chicks. The kabob includes: strawberry, orange, lemon, and lime Mike & Ike flavoured chicks.

Whether you’re a fan of Peeps, Mike & Ike, or both, this kabob is a must-try treat that’s sure to delight. It’s perfect for parties, Easter, or just a fun way to enjoy your favourite flavours. Grab a Peeps Mike & Ike Kabob and experience the fusion of two classic loves in one irresistible snack!


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