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Red Band Cola Punt Hoofden

Red Band Cola Punt Hoofden
Experience the delightful fusion of classic cola flavour with the unique Dutch touch of Red Band in Cola Punt Hoofden! Perfectly shaped as pointed heads, these vibrant gummy candies offer a playful twist on a nostalgic taste, making them an irresistible treat for cola enthusiasts of all ages.

Each piece is crafted with the utmost care to deliver a satisfying chewiness and a rich, robust cola flavour that bursts in your mouth with each bite. Ideal for snacking, sharing, or adding a fun, fizzy flair to any candy dish, Red Band Cola Punt Hoofden are a standout choice.

Grab your 180g bag and let the sweet, Dutch, cola-inspired delight of Red Band Cola Punt Hoofden make any moment a little more special! Perfect for parties, movie nights, or as a sweet reward, these gummies are destined to become a new favourite.


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