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The classic candy that has captivated sweet tooths for generations. Runts offer a burst of nostalgia and flavour that transports you back to the joyous moments of yesteryear. At Sweet Fusion, Runts are often available in either theatre boxes or as 100g increments from the bulk bins.

Each piece of Runts candy is a small but mighty explosion of taste, designed to tantalize your taste buds with its hard shell and fruit-flavoured center. The assortment includes a variety of shapes and colours, each corresponding to a distinct fruity flavour. From the zesty orange to the sweet banana, the tangy cherry to the refreshing lime, and the juicy grape, there’s a Runt to satisfy every flavour preference.

Ideal for movie nights, party favours, or simply as a treat to brighten your day, Runts are the go-to candy for those who cherish the sweet simplicity of days gone by. Whether enjoyed straight from the theatre box or mixed with other bulk candy to create a custom flavour adventure, Runts are sure to deliver a delightful experience. Rediscover the joy of this retro candy and let the vibrant flavours of Runts take center stage in your snack selection.