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Smarties Squeeze Candy

Smarties Squeeze Candy
The delightful fusion of iconic American Smarties flavour packed into a convenient and innovative squeeze tube! In Canada, where these delectable treats are known as Rockets, Smarties Squeeze Candy brings you a unique and exciting way to savour the sweet nostalgia of your favourite candy.

Each tube is bursting with the classic fruity taste that Smarties (Rockets) are renowned for, offering a symphony of vibrant flavours that dance on your taste buds all at once. The familiar blend of sweet and tangy notes will transport you to the cherished memories of enjoying Smarties, or Rockets in Canada, with a modern twist.

The convenience of the squeeze tube adds an extra layer of fun to your candy experience. Simply pop the cap open and let the goodness flow. No more fumbling with wrappers, just squeeze and enjoy the irresistible taste of Smarties in a mess-free and portable package.

Whether you’re a fan of the iconic American Smarties or the beloved Canadian Rockets, these squeeze candy tubes are sure to become a favourite among candy enthusiasts of all ages. Treat yourself to the nostalgia of Smarties (or Rockets) in a whole new way with Smarties Squeeze Candy – a deliciously innovative twist on a classic candy experience!


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