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Soda Blasters Fizzy Candy

Soda Blasters Fizzy Candy
This playful and delicious assortment brings the excitement of your favourite soda flavours right to your taste buds in a fun, candy form. Each pack is a treasure trove of effervescent delights, featuring six cans filled with different soda-flavoured fizzy candy. From the zesty punch of classic cola to the sweet, refreshing taste of Lemon-Lime and beyond, every pack offers a unique flavour adventure that’s sure to spark joy and nostalgia with every bite.

These candies are perfect for sharing with friends, adding a pop of fun to any party, or enjoying as a fizzy indulgence whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Packaged in mini cans that mimic the look of real soda cans, they’re not only tasty but also a delight to collect and display.

Kidsmania is renowned for bringing innovative and enjoyable products to the candy aisle, and Soda Blasters Fizzy Candy is no exception. Made with quality ingredients to ensure that fizzy, tangy taste in every bite, these candies are a testament to Kidsmania’s commitment to fun and flavour. So why wait? Grab a pack of Soda Blasters Fizzy Candy today and let the fizzy fun begin!


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