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Sour Patch Kids Hearts

Sour Patch Kids Hearts
The perfect blend of sour and sweet in every heart-shaped gummy! This special edition theatre box is designed to add a playful and tangy twist to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Immerse yourself in a flavour journey as you pop these irresistibly sour then sweet hearts into your mouth. Each chewy piece is crafted with care to deliver that signature Sour Patch Kids experience, making it an ideal treat for those who love a burst of excitement in every bite.

The theatre box is not only filled with delectable gummies but also comes with a thoughtful touch for your special someone. Discover a dedicated “To:” and “From:” section on the box, allowing you to personalize your gift and make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

Share the love with Sour Patch Kids Hearts, a delightful way to express your affection through the joy of candy. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one, these heart-shaped gummies are sure to sweeten any moment. Grab your box now and add a playful twist to your Valentine’s Day festivities!


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