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Spiced Jelly Beans

Spiced Jelly Beans
A delightful twist on a timeless classic. Crafted with passion and precision, these jelly beans are not just sweets but a festival of zesty and aromatic experiences. Available in convenient 100g bulk increments, they are perfect for those who seek both quality and quantity.

Each bean is a journey through spicy landscapes, with flavours ranging from the warm embrace of cinnamon to the lively kick of peppermint, the exotic allure of clove, and the comforting sweetness of anise. These spiced jelly beans are made for the adventurous palate, offering a symphony of tastes that dance harmoniously in your mouth.

Perfect for gifting, sharing, or simply enjoying by yourself, these Spiced Jelly Beans bring a new level of excitement to any occasion. Whether it’s a festive celebration, a cozy evening, or a moment of indulgence, these jelly beans add a splash of colour and a burst of flavour that makes every moment special.

Embrace the bold and discover a world of flavour with Just Born’s Spiced Jelly Beans. Let each bean be a stepping stone to an adventure, and let your palate be the guide. Available now in 100g bulk increments for endless enjoyment.


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