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Warheads Jelly Beans

Warheads Jelly Beans
They’re perfect for sour candy lovers everywhere. Each bag is packed with an assortment of explosively sour flavours that promise to challenge your taste buds in the best way possible. These aren’t your average jelly beans; they’re a bold twist on a classic treat, offering an intense sour kick that Warheads is famous for.

Warheads Jelly Beans are designed to start with a sour punch that gradually mellows into a sweet and fruity finish, delivering a unique eating experience. The vibrant, colourful beans are perfect for sharing, gifting, or enjoying solo during moments when you crave a tangy, flavourful jolt.

Whether you’re hosting a party, looking for a fun movie snack, or simply indulging in your love for all things sour, Warheads Jelly Beans are the go-to choice. Dive into the 141g bag and discover a world of sour, sweet, and sensational flavours that promise to leave your taste buds tingling for more. Get ready to pucker up and enjoy the unparalleled sour sensation that only Warheads can deliver!


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